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A technical surveillance countermeasure company is a company that deals with technology that can enable a person or organization to detect instances of information breach. In order to identify the various forms of information breach equipments such as cameras and audio recording instruments that may have been placed in places where no one can easily identify, the company uses very sophisticated technology. The aim of the technical surveillance countermeasure companies is to help organizations in identifying various weak points in their communication channels which might be exploited by people with no good motives for the company.

People with adequate expertise in the field of surveillance countermeasures are usually the ones who are mandated with the task of surveying the organizations. A host of methods are used when conducting the surveillance countermeasure activities

To detect the transmission of data from the institution in any form, the countermeasure firms use Radio Frequency receivers. The use of this method is therefore quite effective as it is known that most data is normally transmitted by means of air. It is somehow difficult to identify other modes of information bugs simply because they do not transmit data through use of radio frequencies. The companies dealing with the surveillance countermeasure business therefore has to use the most advanced technical know-how in order to detect these bugs. The use of tool that can enable the surveillance companies to detect the type of magnetic fields being generated by the bugs which have been secretly placed in unknown locations. The firm might as well use technological equipments that can be able to identify instances of noise that is made by the bugged electronic tools.

The companies dealing in technical surveillance countermeasures normally depends on various technologies to identify instances of information breach that may threaten the organizations. Broadband technology is used to identify any radio frequencies that may not be associated with those of the company. The frequency scanner detects the electromagnetic fields that are not expected to be in the organization. A non-linear junction detector is a tool that is used to identify the various eavesdropping equipment that may have been placed in the organization. The time-domain reflectometer is technology that is used to identify questionable components in the copper wires that links the organization’s telephone and other communication lines.

The desire by companies to have their privacy to some crucial information is therefore a key aspect that the Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Companies do. Each specific company or person would like some information to remain unknown. Surveillance countermeasure companies aids companies to maintain confidentiality.

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