The 3 most important things to watch out

The 3 most important things to watch out for before purchasing your dream home

Buying a home is considered one of the top priorities for every individual. At the same time, buying a home is the most time-consuming and energy-consuming energy that demands our life’s duties.
‘I bought a house for the amount of’ x ‘5 years ago. My friend who invested the same amount at another source has already doubled from me ‘, many are asking such questions to me. What’s wrong when buying a house? Thinking to share your writing on three important factors that you should consider when buying a home.


1. Where exactly do you want to own a house?

Location is the main factor to consider before buying a home. Where exactly do you want to live? In urban or rural communities? Look at the factors in which you can compromise. For example, assume your children are studying at a famous school close to your new home, but your workplace is far enough away. Look for opportunities to move your work near your new home. Or are you ready to travel some distance for your work? Include similar factors and choose the best combination before buying a home. The 3 most important things to watch out for before purchasing your dream home

Remember, Safety is very important. Check if you have public utilities like hospitals, police stations or nearby fire stations, so you survive in an emergency.

2. Do you know how much the price of the house you want to buy?

Money determines everything in our daily life. The second most important thing is the money you want to allocate to investing in your new home. Check the purchase price. You should analyze the impact on your current savings and other expenses you make each month.

Your work or productive power is very important to consider when budgeting. Do you have a steady job or a steady income? Otherwise, analyzing how to buy a particular house will affect your expenses if you are not continuous in a certain period. Typically, we assume that property prices are total prices. If you buy a loan, adding a down payment, interest and the total price of the house will give you the overall price. You can calculate the monthly payment also from the total price.

Check the total price of the house whether it will have a net worth in a long time. If you want to sell your home anytime in the future, you should know the approximate price you will get. To forecast it, check the current purchase price and value in the neighboring property. If the difference is good enough, you probably know very well that your house will also pick you up well in the long run. However, you must understand that the reputation of the builder, the size of the home may cause concern even in the future. The 3 most important things to watch out for before purchasing your dream home

3. What type of house do you want to have?

Have you ever dreamed of owning a house like the Tamil Bharathiar poet? A house with a beautiful pillar, a pond, 10 or 12 coconut palms, moonlight shining like a pearl, the soft singing of nightingales with a cool breeze to make you happy. A separate house with garden and your own privacy will definitely make you happy. At the same time, you must understand the responsibilities it has. You are solely responsible for maintenance and repair work. If you are ready to take on this responsibility, you are ready to go to a villa or separate house.

The apartment comes with a lower responsibility compared to the villa. You will share space together with others besides having your living space. Although keeping the property as a whole is handled by the homeowners association, you have to pay for the overall maintenance part of the building. Most association apartment complexes will control the changes you make to your home.

Some important questions to add in the checklist before choosing your dream home.

A. What is the right location for me and my family to go to work, school, public utilities? b. Can I buy this property? Can I maintain the same lifestyle after paying home? c. Do I need a villa? d. What weakness do I have in owning a villa? e. Will I be happy in this apartment? f. How much maintenance cost is there in my house? g. Can I pay a monthly fee after owning this house?

There is a gated community with villas, apartment complexes built by today’s famous builders. Check out the monthly maintenance fees associated with life in such communities. Sometimes, you pay a large amount regularly to keep the public and security as a whole. And