Why is your personal finance outside your control

Why is your personal finance outside your control

“I’m a safe investor, so I invested it all in fixed deposits, the return I did not even beat inflation, so to beat inflation I invested in the stock market but now the market is crashing …”
“I keep a substantial emergency reserve in liquid funds I do not have an emergency situation for 3 years The liquid fund where I keep a substantial emergency fund does not give me a good profit So I invested the money in a small property. have an emergency and property is not easy to be liquid … ”


“When I look back at my investment portfolio, sometimes, I feel that I am not getting a good rate of return and start investing in aggressive investments, then I feel that I’m taking too much risk …”

Is there a voice above that resembles you?

Why manage your personal finances out of control?

Why are you always a dilemma? Why is your personal finance outside your control

Why can not you make a confident investment decision?

When things get out of your control, you feel less confident and you’re in a dilemma.

Lesson 1: You have control over your financial and personal investment decisions. But you have no control over the consequences of your financial and personal investment decisions.

Lesson 2: The timeless financial principles and personal investments have control over the consequences. I found 2 lessons above after studying and reviewing hundreds of investment portfolios.

Putting lessons into perspective:

Let’s put the lesson above in the right perspective. You have control over your investment decision:

You can choose to invest in Fixed Deposit or Equity Mutual Fund. You have full control over this option.

You have no control over the consequences: Why is your personal finance outside your control

Deposits still beat inflation or a stable market is not under your control. The consequences are uncontrollable.

The Eternal Investment Principle controls the consequences:

Here are some principles that control the consequences in our example; a) Safe investment will not result in a higher rate of return. b) High return investment will be volatile.

This investment principle is timeless. They generate both personal peace and dramatic investment returns.

How to bring personal finance and investments under your control?

Now you can guess it. If you make financial and personal investment decisions on the principle of a timed investment, the consequences will be under your control.

So, leading to the next question, ‘How to make decisions always based on the principle of perpetual investment?’

Although the question seems difficult, the answer is simple. Make a principal-based financial plan. The power is in principle based on the financial plan.

Financial Plan – A Powerful Solution: To bring your personal finances under control, the financial plan is really strong.

I. Personal Finance Plan is built on your long-term investment principles, goals and priorities.

ii. Personal Finance Plans empowers you to close the gap between what you really want from your personal finances and how you actually manage your personal finances and make investment decisions.

I, I, I. Personal Finance Plans help you escape the tyranny of investment decision dilemmas and market moods and march peacefully toward your personal financial goals.

iv. Personal finance plans stop you from making decisions based on your mood or market mood.

v. Personal Finance Plans make you take long-term investment decisions based on your temporary emotions. It helps you make rational decisions.

vi. Personal finance plans provide you with a clear direction for making personal financial and investment decisions. Personal finance plans such as lighthouses that guide us whenever we need direction.

vii. Personal finance plans can guide us • How much security to look at and how much risk to take? • How much liquidity is needed and how much can be locked in long-term investments? • How much refund is needed to meet my objectives?

viii. You will stop making investment decisions based on advertising, sales promotions, scheme brochures; You will begin to make investment decisions based on your personal financial plan.

What You Need to Know About Business Preparation

What You Need to Know About Business Preparation

Have a good business idea for your startup? Want to get into operation right now? You may need help from a business consulting firm. While small business owners and new entrepreneurs are great in multitasking, starting a business is a completely different game. Many CPA and small business consulting firms are around today, and they offer everything you need to start your business. In this post, we’ll cover some aspects relating to corporate recruitment and the things you can expect from such services.
Why Should You Seek Help for Business Setup?


As an entrepreneur, you should focus on just one thing – your business. The whole process of starting a business can be complicated and complicated, and many aspects require immediate attention. For example, do you know local laws related to your industry? How do you manage the tax implications? Do you know the tax benefits you might be entitled to? What are the basic rules and norms to follow? These things can not be ignored, and you can not see them all at once. Business consulting services charge a small fee for their work, and you can leave most of their hassles. They want paper and basic documents that are essential to the actual procedure, and on the further requirements they will complete the document. What You Need to Know About Business Preparation

Things you can expect:

Each business setting and consulting service may have a different approach to the job, but usually, they do the same task. Here are some things you can expect from these companies.

1. Evaluate your idea. Will your idea work? Depending on the type of contract you have with the service in question, they will do a floor test to see if your business idea will be clicked with the audience in the first place.

2. Document completion. The initial setup process varies across countries and states, and the respective consulting firm will do the necessary documents on time, so you can get started with the operation immediately.

3. Assist tax issues. Many CPA companies also offer consulting firms, and therefore, they can offer quick assistance and help with tax issues. They may suggest ways in which you can minimize the tax burden, at least for the first few months.

4. Help for compliance. New businesses must meet certain requirements before they can start selling their products and services, and the consulting firm will ensure that these compliance issues are handled on time.

5. Help financing. With their industry links, consultants can help find possible funding sources, if necessary. They may suggest a lender or process letters related to getting a loan at your request. What You Need to Know About Business Preparation

Consulting firms also assist employers in planning their work, so they do not have to manage multiple items simultaneously. As long as you hire the right team for the job, you will have no problem in starting your business on time.

Applying for US Tax from the UK Knowing the Fundamentals

Applying for US Tax from the UK Knowing the Fundamentals

No matter where you live in this world, if you are a US citizen, then you should always pay attention to US tax files. And if you live in a country like England and you are still considered a US citizen, then pay attention to the US expat tax returns can save you a lot of money. There are many US citizens living in the UK. This nation has become a more profitable place for these people and there are some good reasons behind it. Here, they do not need to communicate in such a language that is new to them. In this part of the English world this is the first language. For this reason, US people come here to find bread and butter they often choose to stay here and find a good lifestyle. In England they also feel safe and can take advantage of all the facilities needed to live a better lifestyle. In case you also live in UK for this reason and you still have not paid attention to US tax file from UK, then the time comes for you to search for it.
In this way, you can easily get rid of double taxation. So what matters is double taxation? When you live in England, you have to pay taxes to the government of this country. On the other hand, the country of origin is also where you need to pay taxes. Why? The United States is among some countries in the world, where they have applied taxation on international revenues. So you must meet the tax requirements from the US. And in this case, you always have to pay for it. So once you apply for US taxes from the UK, you can easily save money while paying taxes only to one country. And this is where the US expat tax return service can be very useful. Such a professional service provider can show you the proper way to apply for US taxes from the UK.

Applying for US Tax from the UK Knowing the Fundamentals

The same rules apply to native Americans who use to live in other parts of the world. If you lose or you do not want to apply for US taxes, you may also find legal activity. And this is exactly what you do not want to face. This may be the reason you are in England to get a job. That is good! After all, you will get to your family. But at the same time, you also need to make a decision to find out how to apply for US taxes from the UK. You need to understand how US tax expat needs will reflect your stay in the UK. You need to know what kind of expat tax you need to pay to your home country even when you live in the UK. Choosing a US expat tax return service can help you better define things all the way. Applying for US Tax from the UK Knowing the Fundamentals

The Importance of Choosing the Right Debt Collection Agent

The Importance of Choosing the Right Debt Collection Agent

No matter what business you have, whether it is big or small, the fact is that at some stage you will eventually find an issue like debt collection!
So it’s important for you to make your best efforts to get this problem solved before it gets worse! To get this done, you can hire an outside collection agency and get rid of all your debt related issues.
NSW debt collection is a difficult process to execute, but if done correctly, it can help your business grow significantly and prevent it from bankruptcy. There are two basic ways to collect the amount that has matured. First, by utilizing in-house resources, ie employees who work in the company. The second is, by hiring a collection agency to take care of the process, which can eliminate all your stress and anxiety. This is considered the most effective solution for tracking naughty customers and convincing them to pay back their owed money.
Internal parts of corporate accounts are usually responsible for collecting sums due to the company; However, the ‘accounts receivable’ due to long-term debt requires a lot of time, skills and special effort that may require intensive training. To handle this work exclusively, a third party service agent or commercial collection agency has been well tuned because delays can cost the company extensively. They can also efficiently recover the money that may eventually not be found at all.
Getting new customers is an expensive task but retaining old customers is a key factor in the success and longevity of every business. Playing the role of ‘bad cop’ in recovering debt from old customers is not a function that most companies expect because it can have a bad impact with them. Using a third-party service to send notices for debt recovery usually spurs the person or company because the money goes into action without seriously affecting the relationship with the company.
Here are some benefits of choosing the right agent to collect your debts.
Expertise and technique help The Importance of Choosing the Right Debt Collection Agent
The debt collectors hired by Sydney are experienced and dedicated enough to run them thoroughly and help you focus more on your business more effectively. In addition, they will never damage the relationship you have made with your customers and will ensure that your business productivity is not affected during the process. Moreover, the proven techniques they use help increase the likelihood of getting your money back and helping you recover your bad debt.
Increase your cash flow
A good billing agency will help you improve your cash flow by returning the money owed by your clients.
Help you improve your business productivity
It’s important for you to grow your business rather than wasting time on collecting payments from your debtors. Instead, you must hire an expert to complete the process in a regular manner and focus on improving the productivity of your business.
Proper documentation The Importance of Choosing the Right Debt Collection Agent
These professionals keep a proper record of all debts, which include information such as phone logs, emails, debtor details, for eg. name, address, city, phone number, and much more.
Believe it or not, to run your business successfully and efficiently, sometimes you have to hire an expert to collect your accounts receivable that have not been paid. Choosing the right billing agency is one of the toughest tasks to do and is considered an important aspect of every business. When choosing a collection agency, it is important to customize your choice, do some research, follow some protocols, then choose the right one for your business.

3 influential factors that can make or break

3 influential factors that can make or break

It happens to many of us. Maybe it does not happen universally, but, in our hearts know that this syndrome is a reality. There is a task at hand or perhaps a decision difficult to demand by situations, chances of success or decisions of a rather unfavorable class for the unfortunate; Often in such situations we are tempted to quit. Can we do it? Self-doubt manifests itself and ubiquitous reasons are released in order not to perform tasks or make decisions. Negative syndrome works quietly to destroy our confidence. Investors sometimes get too mired in the web of negativity.
There are several other factors that require investors to be vigilant. Patience and opportunism, and the luck factor when investing is a potential issue that is often forgotten. An insight into this subject will surely make the investor wiser and possibly richer. Fighting negative influences


What are the kinds of influences that make investors react negatively? There are basically six emotions and human nature that cause investors to act negatively. Greed, ignoring logic, jealousy, fear of abandonment, ego and going with the tide (mentality) instead of against it is a list. The consequences of such effects result in losses and other serious incidents due to errors made. Therefore, investors need to be adequately equipped to deal with such negative actions and get out unscathed. Here is a list of points that if followed with confidence and persistence can yield positive benefits and reduce losses: 3 influential factors that can make or break

I. Sticking to the unwavering sense of intrinsic value II. Follow the rules as they should when the market volatile III. Gain market maturity by reading, consulting veterans in trading experience and gathering. Market excesses are never tolerated. Faster than later this disorder is taken care of. IV. Get to know the psychology of the market and investors when there is chaos in market V. Believe and act diligently on the dictum “too good to be true” VI. Stay unshakeable in faith when the market moves from a moderate error-rating form to an even bigger mistake assessment. Do this even with the risk of being laughed at by friends and acquaintances. VII. Keep good company. Hold on to your like-minded friends and colleagues.

Patience and Opportunity

Thiruvalluvar, the famous Tamil poet celebrates the importance of patience in the bottom line. Seek what you respect is never tainted to be defended; So should you be patient, keep an eye on it, keep it. (Kural: 154) The above Thirukkural Meaning is “If you want that greatness never to leave, you keep doing your patience”.

“Slow and steady winning the race” is something we all have been told in our childhood. In essence, this simple phrase tries to teach us the value of “patience”. The value of “patience” is gold and we have experienced this truth at some point in our lives.

Investors who have accumulated some experience in the investment market are well aware of the relationship between patience and opportunism. Actually if we scratch the surface, this relationship may seem paradoxical. While patience in the context of investors means impulsive restraint, opportunism refers to the ability to aim at the right moment.

An intelligent investor is one who understands what “patient opportunism” is. He knows that the market is not an accommodative nature, will never give a yield or return just because investors need it. Investors should bargain. He had to learn the pendulum, and the time of his robbery suited him. He must be aware of market power and then act according to his plan. 3 influential factors that can make or break

In this context, well-known market participants have recommended two important keys to use during the crisis: I. Isolated from forces that require sales; II. Gear up positioned as buyer instead. This key will definitely make the investor a good profit during bad weather. Luck factor

Opportunity and luck are the two paths we pass on occasionally. What happens, what can happen and the probability of something happening are three different scenarios and we can understand them well.

An experienced investor will know that it is a skill and not an important luck to survive in financial markets. Much of what we experience in life is a consequence of a combination of luck and skill, but then

The Opening of Famous Secrets in the Most Profitable

The Opening of Famous Secrets in the Most Profitable

Bargain Hunting:
The term ‘bargain’ has the word ‘profit’ embedded in it. This alone can make people excited. But then, how can we bargain? Is it by chance? Or does it involve meticulous study?


All investors will be interested to have answers to these questions so that they can reach the peak of success through the most profitable and best long-term market investment strategy. Well, bargaining per se, is the process of understanding the difference between the price and the value of a product. The Opening of Famous Secrets in the Most Profitable

Bargain Hunting: The most profitable investment strategy

Let’s look at an example to understand what bargaining means. The roadside shop sells old and not so new books. Customers who want to buy books that are not expensive in regular bookstores think this store is useful. The buyer has a good idea about the price. Book value perceived by customers may far exceed this price and this is a bargain.

How to find the best long term stock market investment strategy?

It is clear that to find an offer, one must acquire knowledge of its intrinsic price and value. So how do investors begin to gather the information they need? The Opening of Famous Secrets in the Most Profitable

• To begin with, an investor can draw up a list of potential investments. • Then he can research and seek advice from knowledgeable people in order to produce sound estimates of their intrinsic value. • He can also develop a sense of how big or small the level of security in terms of price. • Last but not least an understanding of the risks associated with each or the correlations among asset classes is also essential.

The essence of finding bargaining is to have more knowledge and information than others about a particular investment potential.

Howard marks the “Most Profitable and Best Long Term” market investment strategy: Howard Marks sums it up by stating that the ideal place to start a search to find offers is the following places:

A) Unknown areas are not fully understood: Suppose new technology has emerged and not many people are aware of it. However, this technology can be a game that changes it in the future and thus investing in such technology is a boon. Most likely many people will not realize the implications.

B) Basically questionable on the surface: There are things that “look good from afar but far from good”; Similarly there are stocks that do not seem to look straight but could be a potential gold mine. An example of life can be a stock that has been traded below its intrinsic value for some time and does not look attractive to the buyer for any reason that has no relationship to its value.

C) Controversial, inappropriate or frightening: Often we find companies that perform well, have a good reputation and also make investors feel satisfied with the results. Suddenly a fair trial or punishment imposed by the state and government authorities that may be outside seems to destabilize the company. Investors may be afraid of such situations but perhaps a better examination of the company’s balance sheet will reveal that it is likely to be in the book and therefore there is nothing to worry about. D) is deemed inappropriate for our esteemed portfolio: The stock portfolio we collate often reflects our personality. Experienced and respectable companies with steady records over the years may be at the core of our portfolio and suddenly buying shares of small information technology firms that make waves do not seem to be an honorable choice. However, being more flexible and intuitive really helps broaden the horizons of the portfolio. The “Most Profitable and Best Long Term” Stock Market Strategy Approach:

The 3 most important things to watch out

The 3 most important things to watch out for before purchasing your dream home

Buying a home is considered one of the top priorities for every individual. At the same time, buying a home is the most time-consuming and energy-consuming energy that demands our life’s duties.
‘I bought a house for the amount of’ x ‘5 years ago. My friend who invested the same amount at another source has already doubled from me ‘, many are asking such questions to me. What’s wrong when buying a house? Thinking to share your writing on three important factors that you should consider when buying a home.


1. Where exactly do you want to own a house?

Location is the main factor to consider before buying a home. Where exactly do you want to live? In urban or rural communities? Look at the factors in which you can compromise. For example, assume your children are studying at a famous school close to your new home, but your workplace is far enough away. Look for opportunities to move your work near your new home. Or are you ready to travel some distance for your work? Include similar factors and choose the best combination before buying a home. The 3 most important things to watch out for before purchasing your dream home

Remember, Safety is very important. Check if you have public utilities like hospitals, police stations or nearby fire stations, so you survive in an emergency.

2. Do you know how much the price of the house you want to buy?

Money determines everything in our daily life. The second most important thing is the money you want to allocate to investing in your new home. Check the purchase price. You should analyze the impact on your current savings and other expenses you make each month.

Your work or productive power is very important to consider when budgeting. Do you have a steady job or a steady income? Otherwise, analyzing how to buy a particular house will affect your expenses if you are not continuous in a certain period. Typically, we assume that property prices are total prices. If you buy a loan, adding a down payment, interest and the total price of the house will give you the overall price. You can calculate the monthly payment also from the total price.

Check the total price of the house whether it will have a net worth in a long time. If you want to sell your home anytime in the future, you should know the approximate price you will get. To forecast it, check the current purchase price and value in the neighboring property. If the difference is good enough, you probably know very well that your house will also pick you up well in the long run. However, you must understand that the reputation of the builder, the size of the home may cause concern even in the future. The 3 most important things to watch out for before purchasing your dream home

3. What type of house do you want to have?

Have you ever dreamed of owning a house like the Tamil Bharathiar poet? A house with a beautiful pillar, a pond, 10 or 12 coconut palms, moonlight shining like a pearl, the soft singing of nightingales with a cool breeze to make you happy. A separate house with garden and your own privacy will definitely make you happy. At the same time, you must understand the responsibilities it has. You are solely responsible for maintenance and repair work. If you are ready to take on this responsibility, you are ready to go to a villa or separate house.

The apartment comes with a lower responsibility compared to the villa. You will share space together with others besides having your living space. Although keeping the property as a whole is handled by the homeowners association, you have to pay for the overall maintenance part of the building. Most association apartment complexes will control the changes you make to your home.

Some important questions to add in the checklist before choosing your dream home.

A. What is the right location for me and my family to go to work, school, public utilities? b. Can I buy this property? Can I maintain the same lifestyle after paying home? c. Do I need a villa? d. What weakness do I have in owning a villa? e. Will I be happy in this apartment? f. How much maintenance cost is there in my house? g. Can I pay a monthly fee after owning this house?

There is a gated community with villas, apartment complexes built by today’s famous builders. Check out the monthly maintenance fees associated with life in such communities. Sometimes, you pay a large amount regularly to keep the public and security as a whole. And

Indonesian Market Finance and Payment Report Market Research

Indonesian Market Finance and Payment Report Market Research


In 2016, Indonesia’s GDP growth was revised down to just 5.1% by the World Bank after a slower-than-expected first half. Although consumer spending is still showing positive results, the growth in consumer payout values ​​slumped further in 2016 after non-performing 2015 that brought consumer payments value transactions to a one-digit growth for the first time in more than a decade. Although there is little progress in the economy, consumers are more cautious in spending costs and financial statements and international Euromonitor cards in Indonesia set the size and market structure for ATM cards, smart cards, credit cards, debit cards, bill cards, prepaid cards and cards This store looks at key players in the market (issuers and operators), number of cards in circulation, number of transactions and transaction value. It offers a strategic analysis of sector forecasts and trends to watch. Product coverage: Financial Card in Circulation, M-Commerce, Transaction. Data coverage: market size Indonesian Market Finance and Payment Report Market Research  (historical and forecast), company stock, brand share and distribution data. Why buy this report? • Get a detailed overview of the Card and Payments markets; • Determine the growth sector and identify the factors that drive change; • Understanding the competitive environment, major market players and leading brands; • Use a five-year forecast to assess how the market is predicted to grow. Euromonitor International has over 40 years of experience to publish market research reports, business reference books and online information systems. With offices in London, Chicago, Singapore, Shanghai, Vilnius, Dubai, Cape Town, Santiago, Sydney, Tokyo and Bangalore and a network of over 800 analysts worldwide, Euromonitor International has the unique ability to develop a reliable source of information to help drive strategy information. planning. Key Topics Included in the Report: Indonesian Cards and Financial Payments Indonesia Market Research Report Card and Financial Payments Indonesia’s Market Share Cards and Financial Payments Indonesian Market Analysis Cards and Payments Financial Market Trends Indonesia Cards and Financial Payments Indonesia Market Prospects Cards and Financial Payments Market Demand Developments Cards and Payments Indonesia Indonesia Market Growth Card and Financial Payments Market Value Indonesia Cards and Financial Payments Indonesian Market Income Card and Financial Payments Market Size To find out more, Indonesian Market Finance and Payment Report Market Research

How to create an Integrated Investment Portfolio

How to create an Integrated Investment Portfolio

It takes the perfect recipe for a good enough meal and the best piece will give you the right suit. Unlike investment, the right investment options options continue to create a coveted portfolio that optimizes returns and minimizes risk.
For investors, it may sound like a fairy tale to get a perfect portfolio every time. There is a lot of dynamism in the market and factors keep changing all the time. What might be good today might not happen after a year. Because awareness must be paid attention to market volatility and overall economic prospects that outline a good investment portfolio.

How to create an Integrated Investment Portfolio

It is an art to get the perfect integration of investment options like Fixed Deposito (FD), Mutual Funds, Gold and Real Estate. While making choices, it is important to be guided by basic parameters such as efficiency, diversification, risk and return, and overall cost. It is against this background that the above-mentioned options have been analyzed.

Materials for Portfolio

FDs’: Fixed deposits with banks or FD Banks are ideal for investors with low risk appetite. Best suited for periods up to a year or less. It is offered by the bank for a minimum of 30 days but the best time frame for investment is between six months and one year. While investing in fixed deposits, it should be remembered that early withdrawal can attract penalties so the investment horizon needs to be resolved first. When the market is experiencing volatility, FD is the best place to park the funds. Despite the yield, post tax is only about 7%, FDs’ will protect against capital erosion.

Investors can set aside the percentage of their corpus for FD investment. The actual percentage to be invested will depend on market conditions, risk trends and overall investment plans. How to create an Integrated Investment Portfolio

Mutual Funds: Mutual Funds are one of the most attractive investment options available. They can provide stability and growth. This gives small investors the opportunity to invest in stocks under one umbrella of funds, and they are handled by professional investment managers who invest in the market on a number of parameters. The main benefit of mutual fund investing is that they provide a safety blanket for investors’ funds.

Diversification is offered and funds are handled by fund managers in a transparent manner.

For this option too, the percentage of the corpus to be invested will depend on the priority, the stage of life in which the investor is and of course a risk trend.

Insurance: The insurance scheme offers a perfect risk management plan. Online term insurance provides protection against financial loss from the sudden death of the breadwinner. Health insurance policies deal with unexpected hospitalization costs. Property insurance covers you from the risk of natural hazards that destroy your property.

Gold: Inflation is a deterrent or disincentive to certain investment choices. Gold is one of the options that hedge against inflation. Over the period of time the return of gold investment is equal to the rate of inflation. Experts feel that the value of gold is inversely proportional to the value of equity, so that when the value of gold increases, equity markets are in a recession, as seen in 2007.

As with some other available investment options, gold as a component in the investment portfolio helps reduce the impact of market volatility.

Real Estate: Investing in real estate is for those looking for long-term profits. Investing in a property in India is generally very profitable. There is a growing need for real estate properties over the past few years. Investing into real estate is likely to generate good returns for investors in the long run regardless of short-term stagnation.


There is no single formula to get the best results from your portfolio. The type of return to be achieved can vary greatly based on the ability to take risks. The priority of life will also change the ratio of component portfolio.

Each unique situation and individual investor must decide on his exposure in a particular asset class. The customized mix of the options discussed above will provide the best opportunity to maximize profits and minimize risks.

Using Correlation in Pair Trading

Using Correlation in Pair Trading

The concept of correlation of financial instruments is common to many traders. But at the same time, few of them fully understand the possibility of this powerful statistical analysis tool and represent how it applies to practice. Meanwhile, correlation is an indispensable tool for successful trading on a pair trading strategy. Consider why.


So what is the correlation of financial instruments? Correlation is a quantity that reflects the level of graphic similarity of the two instruments. Actually, the introduction of correlation is an attempt to express the level of similarity of the graph with just one value, called the correlation coefficient. The value of this coefficient varies from -1 to 1. Where 1 denotes the maximum level of equality, when growth on one graph is always accompanied by the same increase in strength on the other side, 0 is the absence of similarity, and -1 is reverse resemblance, when growth at one accompanied by a proportional decrease in the second. Using Correlation in Pair Trading

Since the correlation, in fact, reflects only the degree of graphic similarity, it is absolutely not necessary that in the presence of a high correlation coefficient, there will be some real interconnections between trading instruments. It is likely that two graphs for random reasons are exactly the same to each other. But if the number of points of the graph is large enough, ie the correlation is statistically reliable, then the chance of chance happens to be meaningless. In this case, we can talk about the relationship between financial instruments, which guarantees the similarity of their schedule.

This is the correlation ability to measure the interrelationship between financial instruments so it becomes a very useful tool for pair trading. Remember what is pair trading. This is an interdependent multidirectional trading tool, where advantages are extracted by playing to eliminate the imbalances that appear periodically between these tools. The key word here is “interconnected,” because the success of the strategy will depend directly on how strong and real the relationship between a pair of instruments is. But how to find interconnected tools among the hundreds of options available on different exchanges? And here the correlation coefficients come to save him. Suffice it to divide all possible pairwise combinations of trading instruments, calculate the correlation coefficients for them and select which indicator will be a fairly high indicator (eg more than 0.8). Using Correlation in Pair Trading

In order not to do such complex calculations yourself, you can use online services to calculate the correlation. One of the most convenient free services is the Correlation of pair on the megatrader.org site. This service displays pairwise correlation tools in the form of correlation tables, allowing you to specify a list of tools and time frames. He is also interested in the fact that, in addition to the correlation itself, it is possible to quickly calculate the weight coefficients for the instruments that make up the pair, and also to plan the spreading of the pair. To do this, just click the correlation value in the table, and the page with the spreadsheet and the calculated weights will automatically open on the site. By the way, these coefficients can be adjusted manually and see how this will affect the deployment schedule.

Of course, among selected couples with high correlation there will likely be some percentage of couples with false dependence. There are two ways to overcome this. First, during the selection, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that both instruments come from the same economic sector. In this case, the chance of chance happens to decrease significantly. Second, it is valuable to trade not with one partner, but with a partner portfolio. Then, even if some pairs change to random, their losses will be compensated with other pairs, and the total portfolio return will remain positive.